A good man (or woman) thinks generationally. He does not think only of his children, but for his grandchildren. 
Proverbs 13:22


Whitfield Investment Group is a Risk Management & Wealth Conservation Agency. We help to give our clients peace of mind with "life assurance", or in other words, Life Insurance and other foundational financial planning tools.  We strive to provide you with the service needed for creating generational wealth for your family. Whether it's applying for basic Final Expense policy(s), Term, Whole Life, Universal Life and more customized, strategic savings plans, Traditional and Roth IRAs, Immediate, Deferred Fixed and Fixed Index Annuities, we work with you and financial institutions to provide you with a secure financial future and retirement. 


Our role is to provide guidance in helping you see your big picture, to provide you with the steps and products to assure that your life and the lives of your loved ones are properly protected. And to see that your long term financial goals are achieved. We have the ability to work directly and collaboratively with your CPA's, Accountants and Estate Planning Attorneys if necessary to ensure all of your Assets are fully covered, protecting your family from financial devastation as a result of improper planning. And to insure that money is working for you in the most tax efficient way. 



Whitfield Investment Group has brokering capabilities to over one-hundred financial institutions to provide you with the best products based on your budget, financial goals and medical necessity. All of our carriers are verified and excellently rated with all  financial rating agencies.


Life Insurance products are the cornerstone of a good financial portfolio regardless of age or income bracket. The first insurance company in the United States was founded in 1706. It is a fundamental financial tool for the protection against personal liability and creating generational wealth - One of the best kept secrets of the wealthy. If you are a CPA, Accountant or Estate Planning Attorney and are interesting in partnering to educate your clients on efficient strategies to protecting and building wealth, email us. Or if you are a newly Licensed Agent interested in opportunities, email us at info@whitfieldinvestmentgroup.com. 


“I love the service and attention to every detail that Ms. Whitfield was very knowledgeable of all products and services. I would recommend that you check her out. #protectyourfuture."
- S. Johnson 

"My experience with Lacole has been a great one!! Her passion, patience and persistence shines in the forefront of her craft. People, families, and future security are definitely her priority! You want life insurance, someone to guide you through the process and be in your corner all the way through, Lacole is your person!"

-K. Sharpe 

"I sleep better at night knowing my family will be taken care of if anything happens to me , contact Lacole Whitfield she'll help you protect your family , just like she helped me protect mine . This decision is very important , don't leave your family without a legacy."

-K. Strachan 


Lacole Whitfield is the PRINCIPAL BROKER & OWNER of Whitfield Investment Group, LLC established in 2019. she has a background in various sectors of the banking and financial services industry including personal credit lines, home equity loans and home financing, risk management,  wealth accumulation, preservation and wholesale real estate.

After the 2008 market crash, she was forced to pivot making a change in career path. An opportunity presented itself in a different facet of finance of which she was unaware of - Risk Management, Wealth Distribution & Estate Planning. on-boarding with a Fortune 100 company.  Lacole learned quickly that she loved the role and became quite passionate about helping  communities establish legacy and financial freedom. After a few personal setbacks and challenges, she found it was more suitable to  start her own financial services agency/ firm.

whitfield investment group is committed to integrity and excellence in assisting families, entrepreneurs and business owners with everything from setting up basic final expense or funeral coverage, to more complex plans, products and newly added, investment properties.

the foundation to building wealth is protecting your most valuable asset which is you.  leveraging income, liquid assets to accumulate long term financial security and generational wealth.



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